About Don’t Think, Check!®

What is DTC About?

The purpose of DTC is to help business people succeed.

Who is DTC For?

DTC is for anyone who needs help with their business.

Who is DTC NOT For?

DTC is not for everyone, especially not those who engage in wishful or magical thinking.

Is This A Get Rich Quick Website?

I wish! DTC is NOT another Get Rich Quick website. In fact, becoming a successful entrepreneur or business person is harder than you probably realise.

Yet Another General Business Advisory?

Yep! Some business advice sources have unspoken assumptions, such as “build it and they will buy.” Here we try to avoid all assumptions by following the principles of the scientific method.

About The Products, Services, and Experiences

So what can you expect, that is, what is the Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?


If we’re to avoid confusing each other, we need to use the correct terms at the appropriate time and place consistently.

The Approach

The approach used by DTC is an evidence-based approach based on the principles of the scientific method.

Show Me An Example

Let’s work through a simple example of using the principles of the scientific method.

What’s in a name?

Why Don’t Think, Check!?

DTC Company Details

The formal bits …

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