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About Jexpy.com

Jexpy.com will be an online system, application, and Journey Model for:

  1. Journey Planners and or Travellers (collectively Travellers) to easily find the journey components they desire when they plan a journey.
  2. Travellers to easily compose a journey to suit themselves to achieve all of their goals.
  3. Suppliers of journey components (services, products, and experiences) such as accommodation, activities, attractions, and eateries to advertise their existence and value to Travellers.


The Jexpy.com Way


The underlying philosophy of Jexpy.com is the fair exchange of value between Travellers and Suppliers, with Jexpy.com taking a facilitating role in that exchange.

In this regard, Jexpy.com:

  • Stores information provided by Suppliers about their journey components.
  • Provides relevant journey component information to Travellers for evaluation based on the Traveller’s search criteria.
  • Allows Travellers to book and pay for journey components.
  • Is itself a supplier of Supplier and Supplier-component information.
  • Will set the fees for its service at a level that ensures the whole value-proposition is compelling for both Travellers and Suppliers.

Values, Vision, Purpose, Strategy, and Mission(s)

In the beginning[1]:

  • Based on values that you hold, you develop a vision of the future.
  • To achieve the vision, you create an organization (say, Jexpy.com Limited) with a purpose.
  • To achieve the purpose, you develop a strategy (a plan of plans).
  • The strategy is achieved through one or more missions.


Definition – Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.[2]

Honesty, Transparency, and Mutual Welfare – at Jexpy.com:

  • We will always be honest.
  • We will be as transparent as commercial realities and concerns allow.
  • We will never sell or divulge Traveller or Supplier information. Any information retained by Jexpy.com is for the sole purpose of providing The Jexpy.com Solution.
  • We are concerned with the mutual welfare of all inhabitants of lifeboat earth. If we need to prioritise, then we will start with ourselves and our own families so that we are better positioned to support our local community, and we will work outwards from there. As they say during airline safety presentations, “put on your own facemask first.”
  • We will promote our welfare, i.e., earn a living, while promoting the welfare of others.
  • Jexpy.com is a business, and for its survival and flourishing, everyone involved with Jexpy.com, ranging from the owners, staff, Suppliers, and Travellers, must provide value.


Definition – The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. A mental image of what the future will be or could be like.

The Jexpy.com vision is to:

  • Enable Travellers to plan and complete a journey, achieving all their objectives.
  • Reduce purchase and doing-it friction.
  • Assist Suppliers in achieving their goals, such as maximising the utilisation of their assets.
  • Support communities by helping to support businesses in the community.


Definition – The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The Jexpy.com purpose is to:

  • Encourage and assist travelling, share knowledge and encourage understanding and tolerance, as well as support for local and national communities.
  • Facilitate economic activity, generate value, and therefore work.
  • Encourage human connection and meaning.


Definition – A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

The Jexpy.com strategy is to:

  • Create an integrated online system that only provides relevant and accurate information about Supplier’s solutions, and in so doing, remove one of the barriers to travelling, namely the hard work of planning a journey.
  • Have no investors – to avoid the risk of misalignment of expectations and priorities with the Jexpy.com Values, Vision, Purpose, Strategy, and Mission(s).
  • Not provide irrelevant component search results such as components 400km away.


Definition – An important assignment given to a person or group of people.

The Jexpy.com mission(s) is to:

  • Create a series of cascading and cumulative projects in the form of Minimum Viable Distinctive Value Propositions (MVDVP) to test and prove (or refute) the Jexpy.com Distinctive Value Proposition and every aspect within it.
  • Ultimately create a solution system that is used and advocated by Travellers and Suppliers.

Implications of Our Values, Vision, Purpose, and Strategy

  • Get people undertaking journeys to promote commerce, experiences, and mutual understanding and acceptance.
  • We will not use our market dominance or influence to ‘hijack’ Suppliers’ brands.
  • Support fact-based history, storytelling, and culture.
  • Independence – Jexpy.com will remain independent and will not be influenced by the likes of:
    • Investors.
    • Advertisers.
    • Large and or influential Suppliers, Promoters, or the like.
  • Supplier promotion:
    • Promote, to the extent that it is possible, the objective ranking of Suppliers and their components based on ratings, price, and other objective criteria.
    • Create, to the extent that it is possible, an objective Supplier and Supplier Component rating system:
      • People’s businesses and livelihoods are at stake.
      • Ratings are to be based on the fulfilment of expectations set by the Supplier. For example, a 1950s no-frills remote seaside campground should be ranked against similar establishments, not against the Intercontinental in Tokyo.


[1] From Starting a Business with Facts, Not Faith.

[2] The definitions in red are from the online Oxford English Dictionary.

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