What is Run My Business® (RMB) About?

Run My Business® (RMB) is a part of Don’t Think, Check!® Ltd. (DTC), a company dedicated to helping businesses succeed.

Whereas DTC has a broad business scope, RMB is focused on helping business people to answer questions such as “how do I run my business?” and then,”how do I grow my business?”

In keeping with the DTC don’t think, check philosophy, which simply stated emphasises the use of Facts over Faith, RMB approaches the topic of running a business in an unapologetic, fact and evidence-based manner. This approach is aimed at being supportive of your endeavours while trying to ensure that you don’t squander your wealth, time, and other resources.

We have written a post titled The Advice Business that helps to describe our approach, with this excerpt by Chris Argyris being illustrative, “Advice is effective to the extent that it is valid and actionable, that is, leads to effective action.

While neither DTC or RMB offer any guarantees of success, the aim is to tilt the table of fortune in your favour by reducing the risks and impacts of failure and increasing the chances of success.

So if you’re interested, please click on the following:

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