About Glyn – Business Resultant ®

I take my work (but not necessarily myself) seriously, to the extent that I invented the title of Business Resultant ® which defined here and then registered.

Why Engage With a Business Resultant ® – the elevator pitch

I call myself a Business Resultant ® and my purpose is to help entrepreneurs and business people to be successful, that is, to get results. I achieve this using evidence-based knowledge and experience in the areas of business startup, building, management, leadership, and succession planning.

Why Engage With a Business Resultant ® – the short version

I enjoy helping people, problem-solving, and achieving success. I get results and that is why I call myself a Business Resultant ®

I can’t recall many project failures. Hopefully that’s not my selective memory kicking in, and it certainly wasn’t me cherry-picking assignments either, as I have always pitched-in to help. I should have learnt to say NO! But then again, perhaps I wouldn’t have learnt as much and become such an ‘interesting character.’

I have in the past declared that I am a BS-free zone, meaning that I don’t lie, I check before I speak or act, and I have no interest in ripping anyone off. While falling a little short of being a candidate for sainthood, I always act in an honest and ethical manner.

I am a volunteer business mentor for the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. I was a volunteer mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand (BMNZ) from June 2015 through to June 2019 (see footnote below). I enjoy volunteer mentoring as I get the opportunity to give back to the community in a modest way while trying to help people starting a business or to help run their existing business more effectively.

I continue to research a wide range of business topics to ensure I am up to date with the best as well as effective evidence-based knowledge and wisdom.

In my ‘spare’ time I enjoy the outdoors, riding my off-road motorbike, as well as DIY around the house.

So what does this mean for you?

  • I will work with you to develop a solution that suits your context, as I don’t rely on a ready supply of expert generic and undifferentiated answers.
  • You can rely on me to let you know when I don’t know something and that I will find out if need be.
  • I will work to make you independent of me and other advisers.

Why Engage With a Business Resultant ® – the long version

Well, aside from the useful bits on this website, there is no separate ‘Long Version.’ Perhaps the short Long Version could be, help where I can, while doing no harm?

My Philosophy

Put simply, my philosophy is Don’t Think, Check!®, as in, before you commit, you should verify what you think you know is true.

I try to take an evidence-based approach to decision-making and life in general.

In practice this means, before I charge off and do something completely stupid, I investigate, check, and plan as far as is practical.

Does this mean that I procrastinate, or spend forever gazing at my navel? No, not at all. What it means is that I, more often than not, succeed the first time at whatever I do. It also means that I have never forgotten my helmet when I prepare to go riding my motorcycle.

In saying that, no one is perfect (is there a universal definition?) and neither am I. I make mistakes, plenty of them. More than I’d like and care to admit. But I am determined to learn from my mistakes and to not repeat them.

But wait, there’s more. Not only do I learn from my mistakes, but I also try to learn from the mistakes or lessons of others by performing research; why rediscover the wheel?

Glyn Davies – Business Resultant ®

My Credentials

Is there anything to support the sales pitches?

In early 2019, a restructure of BMNZ occurred. Since I could not accept the new Terms and Conditions of Mentoring, where one of those terms would see me give all the Intellectual Property (IP) I create and provide during BMNZ mentoring to BMNZ (I share non-confidential IP with whomever needs it), I resigned on 25 June 2019. A disappointing and avoidable end to a 4-year relationship.

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