What is Save My Business™ (SaveMB) About?

Save My Business™ is one of the services provided by Don’t Think, Check® Ltd. (DTC), a company dedicated to helping businesses succeed.

If you have heard about and are looking for the Seven Factors (7Fs) for a successful Business Model and therefore business, you can skip to them here, but we recommend reading the material below as well.

The Approach

Whereas DTC’s purpose is to help business people succeed in the general sense – with facts, not faith, the focus of Save My Business™, as you might have guessed, is focused on trying to save people’s businesses, where possible, with again, facts, not faith.

In keeping with the DTC don’t think, check philosophy, SaveMB approaches the topic of trying to save a business in an unapologetic, fact, and evidence-based manner. This approach is aimed at being supportive of your endeavours while trying to ensure that you don’t squander your wealth, time, and other resources on a project that may no longer be feasible.

It is unlikely that the material provided will be ‘up lifting’ or ‘motivational’ – there are other websites for that. No, facts are neutral, and they can at times be downright inconvenient to say the least. But facts are what are needed for effective planning and decision-making. After reading what we hope you find to be useful actionable advice, feel free to get your motivational boost at one of those other websites.

While DTC cannot offer any guarantees of success, the aim is to try to tilt the table of fortune in your favour by reducing the risks and impacts of failure while increasing the chances of success.

Navigating Reality

Now, before we go too far, we need to be honest with ourselves and with each other. The business name Don’t Think, Check!® Ltd. Is not a form of trivial and shallow cutesy. It is a mantra, a way of life. The underlying philosophy is one based on evidence, not belief. Facts, not faith. In short, it is based on the scientific method.

Again, let’s be honest and transparent. Reality sucks sometimes, and facts can at times be rather inconvenient as well. But what do you prefer, delusional fantasy, one where it’s probably in someone else’s interests for you to perpetuate your fantasy, or the cold hard and often inconvenient facts, where at least you have a better chance of making informed decisions that maximise your welfare and that of your family and friends.

Even those that depend on thoughts and prayers are alive today because of science. Belief does not keep planes in the air, ships afloat, your car on the road, bridges erect, the roof over your head, food on your table, or provide effective medicines and technologies to reduce suffering and save lives. Science and maths does. Does this seem a little bleak and cold? Yep, time to get used to it! But now that you know how the world really works, you can make better decisions with known and verifiable probabilities of success.

Principles Based On Facts

Ray Dalio’s book Principles is a great read. I recommend it, but it’s not for people who rely on wishful thinking. If I was to attempt to summarise the main thrust of Ray’s book into one sentence it would be that we should practice “radical honesty and radical transparency” (RHRT).

Imagine a world where the BS factor in all things was near or at zero; “… no dear, those pants do not flatter you!”

All the information provided on this website and others provided by DTC is complimentary. Read it. Make use of it. Share it. Above all, actionable advice has to be put into action to be truly useful.

If you can’t find what you need, then contact us. Really, contact us. You’re not going to be charged for a simple chat or email. In as much as we need to cover costs etc. just like you do, our primary aim is to help, NOT to profit from this World Health Emergency.

People over profits – we’re all in this together, on Life Raft Earth.

Contact us! See below.

This website is new, so we’re still collating and creating actionable advice worth sharing. Topics will be added below as they become available. If we need to cover something and we haven’t, then please let us know.

We are offering complimentary business mentoring for startups and existing businesses. If you would like some help, please make contact.

RHRT-1: Not all businesses can be or should be saved

I apologise if the title upsets you, but that’s the truth.

With or without Covid-19, there are a few fundamental business truths:

  • Customers buy value (via solutions), not products and services as such, and
  • It is customers who decide what is valuable to them, not you.

If your solutions are not fulfilling a current or future need, then your solutions are of no value to potential customers.

Read more …

RHRT-2: Covid-19 Business Continuity Response

I almost called this post “Covid-19 Business Survival Response”, but I didn’t want to be over-dramatic. Despite my reticence, business survival is the mind-set we should be adopting. Yesterday!

The business environment has completely changed and it will likely be so for months if not a year or two.

You need to be seriously looking for business survival strategies and Business Model B and others.

RHRT-3: The Situation Is Complex But Not Hopeless

Regardless of the economic or business environment, there’s no need for a new method to develop a Business Model. In all environments you need to be fulfilling a Job To Be Done – “build it and they will buy is not a strategy, it is a prayer,” “you cannot create a market or customer demand where there isn’t customer interest,” Steve Blank. Under all conditions, you need to be providing solutions that are valuable to the customer. The same method presented in The 1-Page Business Model is suitable for all circumstances.

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