What is SMB about?

The purpose of SMB is to help entrepreneurs succeed.

The way to do this is to be completely honest and transparent as to what works and what doesn’t, and this requires an evidence-based approach.

What is SMB About?

To create and keep customers by assisting entrepreneurs to achieve their success.

Who Is SMB For?

SMB is for people starting a business.

Who Is SMB NOT For?

SMB is not for everyone, especially those who engage in wishful or magical thinking.

Is This A Get Rich Quick Website?

We wish! SMB is NOT another Get Rich Quick website. In fact, becoming a successful entrepreneur is harder than you probably realise.

Yet Another Business Advisory For Startups?

Yep! Some business advice sources have unspoken assumptions, such as “build it and they will buy.” Here we try to avoid all assumptions by following the principles of the scientific method.

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