So where do we start? Great question!

I don’t know anything about you, what you are looking for, or your skills, experiences, or personal attributes, and everyone is different.

I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers you need.

What I am going to do is make a start with what I believe to be core ideas that we need to understand.


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Pre-Start – The Law of Business

There is a very simple law of business that must be followed by everyone in business.

Starting A Business – The Basics

A journey of any distance always starts with the first step.

Unpacking The Basics

So what do I mean?

Customer Value

What do customers value, that is, what do they want?

The Customer Value Equation

Some people represent complex relationships with mathematical equations; how does this work with customers and what they value?

The Role Of Luck In Business

Just so you know, the role that luck plays in business is often understated.

The 4-8Ps Marketing Model

Marketing your solutions is essential. Here’s a model that can help.

The 9-Forces Model

There are many forces and influences that buffet a business and affect its profitability. The 9-Forces Model depicts some of them.

Get Real – A Break-Even Calculator

A really helpful reality check is to calculate the number of units you have to sell in order to cover all your costs, i.e., break even, and to achieve your target profit.

The Imposter Syndrome – Do you really think YOU can be an entrepreneur?

Do you ever have doubts, ever feel that you are unworthy? Do you fear that you are an imposter?

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