How do we go about building a business?

The strength of a business, as with a home, is based on its foundations. With solid foundations created through actionable advice, success is more likely.
There is a cause and effect relationship between business success, customer satisfaction and advocacy, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and therefore performance. We advocate baking in all ‘the good stuff’ and not trying to sprinkle it on after you’ve successfully created a disgruntled customers – it’s too late then!

Build Introduction

Introducing the building of businesses.

The Advice Business

For advice to be useful, that is effective, it must be valid and when implemented correctly lead to effective action.

Refresher – What Is Business About?

We need to be clear regarding what business is all about, and guess what? it’s NOT about YOU!

The Building Foundations – The Service-Profit Chain

What are the causal relationships between employee performance, customer loyalty, and profit?

Beginning With The Customer

We need to make a choice and start somewhere, so we’re starting with the focal point of businesses, the customer.

What Is Customer Loyalty?

People speak very loosely about customer loyalty, but what is it and what does it look like?

Can You Do ‘It’ Alone?

There is an enduring myth of the self-made man; it isn’t possible and isn’t true. Sooner or later you will need help.

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