20 February, 2019.

I have known Glyn Davies for close to 10 years, during which time we have worked together to deliver some very technical and challenging projects.

Glyn is a fountain of knowledge which he communicates easily and in a non-confrontational style, he is problem solver extraordinaire. I would recommend to anyone starting off a new venture or looking to grow an existing one that they listen and  take his advice and insight on board. More often than not Glyn will provide a view of the goals, solutions and the journey that’s clear and objective where others just cannot see the path.

I have also been privileged to get to know him personally. We share a passion for motorcycles and we have covered thousands of kilometres off road on our dirt bikes. Through this I have seen him really have to grit his teeth to finish a race and in doing so put in better times than guys a third of his age – this approach to finishing what he starts and getting through any obstacle is no different than his approach to business and work in general. If you need to succeed then talk to Glyn