22 February 2019.

Glyn is an excellent mentor who guided us from the initial, conceptual phase right through to having a full-time small business. Step by step he helped us craft the solid foundation we continue to build on today.

Motomax has now been running for three years, growing more successful and capable with every month, and a large part of that is thanks to Glyn’s sterling efforts (and about a thousand coffees!) in our first six months. What he knows, he passes on. What he doesn’t know, he finds out.

He impressed his systematic approach and customer-focused thinking on us and our business, qualities which continue to set us apart in an industry sorely lacking in either.

If you want to know if your business idea is ‘doable’, or if you know it is but don’t know where or how to start: talk to Glyn. Our business would not be here without him.

Max and Nadine
Motomax LTD.