Bad Arguments–an illustrated book of

While reading another excellent post from Kailash Awati, aka K, of Eight to Late fame and following the usual cascade of excellent reference material, I came across a little gem of a book  called An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

An excellent read and refresher on poor argument strategies and tactics.

Enjoy, you’re welcome! Smile


By the way, K’s book The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices is also a winner; I bought it and read it and also recommend it. If I wasn’t so busy trying to earn a crust I would provide a summary.


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  1. Hi Glyn,

    First up, many thanks for supporting the Heretic’s Guide, and for the shout out. Much appreciated!

    Regarding The Book of Bad Arguments – it’s so readable that it would make a perfect text for a high school or first year university-level course on logical fallacies.



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