Starting a Business – With Facts, Not Faith

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A synthesised summary of unvarnished facts about what is required to start a business.

Before you waste your time, your money, and destroy your credit rating, read this ebook.




This eBook, Starting a Business – With Facts, Not Faith, has been written to provide the unvarnished facts about what is required to start a business. In contrast to the over-optimistic happy clappy approach employed by many evangelists, this eBook instead takes a sober and evidence-based approach to what is required. And what is required is a hard look at what you think the market needs and whether anybody cares enough to buy it at all or at the price you need.

The stories of people starting a business are legend, from the follow your passion sect, to the my idea is so obviously brilliant that people will fall over each other to buy it, crowd.

But here’s a fact, as stated by Steve Blank in The Four Steps to the Epiphany, “[b]uild it and they will buy is not a strategy, it is a prayer,” “you cannot create a market or customer demand where there isn’t customer interest.”

If only prospective entrepreneurs would read, re-read, and take to heart that quote, there would be a lot less wasted time, effort, and wealth.

This eBook is a synthesised summary of what is hoped to be a coherent guide to starting a business, with a strong thread of conceptual integrity running from beginning to end. Many references and links are provided to support taking a deeper dive into the details or theory behind what is presented.

Lastly, this eBook has been written to help make the reader independent of evangelists, dogma, and wishful thinking. Instead, what you need is a minimal amount of enthusiasm (passion), some money (exactly how much depends on many factors such as your skills, existing resources, and what you’re trying to do), and to follow a process that is sound in theory, evidence, and practice. In short, if you’re thinking of starting a business, you need this eBook.


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