So What is/are the Product, Service, and Experience, that is, what is the Distinctive Value Proposition (DVP)?

The Experiences that I hope to offer are those of confidence in the actionable advice provided and the belief that great value was received.

As an example, if you look around my websites, you’ll find lots of no-cost-to-you actionable advice and wisdom, and you can read and learn all you like. If my material satisfies your needs then that’s great, really. If on the other hand you need something more or different, then please make contact, I’m here to help you. In either case I welcome you making contact to let me know how the material either helped or missed the mark in your case; positive reinforcement and continual learning is important.

As another example, in this case of credibility, if success for your idea seems improbable, then I’ll tell you and why that it’s so. If success is probable but risky, then I’ll tell you that instead and again why. And if I have no idea, then … I’ll tell you that as well. It’s all about you and your success.

The products and services I offer are tailor-made to suit you and your circumstances. Why, and why don’t I have a big bag of generic tricks to dish out? Because you and your combination of ideas, opportunities, context, and challenges is unique. Sure, each individual idea or opportunity or context or challenge has probably been seen and done and written about before and are therefore not unique. However, the combination most likely is, and it is the combination that I will take a holistic view of, advise on, and help with.

Another thing is that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be receiving the same advice as other people because how can you possibly differentiate your products, services, and experiences if you’re following the same advice as everyone else?

Does this mean that I am inefficient or ineffective because I don’t have products (say), such as templates to offer? No, not really. If you want a template, simply use Google or your favourite internet search tool, there are millions of templates out there. Better yet, go to or where you will find lots of helpful advice and templates. For a kickoff, look at this Breakeven Calculator and this Business Plan template. NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) had an even better Business Plan template as well as a Planning for Success Workbook for advice on how to develop a Business Plan, but they seem to have moved or deleted them; you’ll  find archived copies here Business Plan and here Workbook. So no, I don’t see the absence of an undifferentiated bag of tricks as a problem, I see it as your advantage.

So, if you simply want to explore a business idea, that’s fine, I can help you to explore.

If you don’t know where to start, then I can help you make a start.

If you want help to create documents such as a Business Plan, I can help you. If on the other hand you want me to create one for you then I can do that too.

If you want help with existing business challenges or growing your business, then you guessed it, I can help with those as well.

What you won’t get from me is me trying to shoehorn you, your idea, and your situation into a generic solution. Not only because generic solutions won’t cater for your specific circumstances, but also, who wants a generic solution that everyone else is using and battling the competition with?

But wait, there’s more. What I also won’t do is to lead you along, to in effect, milk you of your money when there’s little probability of your idea or business being successful. Maybe I won’t make as much money this way, but I’ll feel OK about myself, and I can live comfortably with that.