The Thinker, is a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin. Rodin first conceived the figure as part of his work The Gates of Hell commissioned in 1880. [Wikipedia, September 2018].

When I first saw the statue, I was captured by the concept (in my mind) of a person thinking deeply before perhaps charging off on some wild escapade. And then along came Wikipedia and we can all delve into the history and learned interpretations of the work.

It was through Wikipedia (a brilliant resource that my family modestly donate to annually), that I learnt that The Thinker was part of a bigger work called The Gates of Hell, as in “Abandon every hope, who enter here.” [Wikipedia, September 2018].

Now it should be quite evident that I am not a history nor an art expert, but regardless, I find the symbolism that I ascribe to Rodin’s work, very appropriate for entrepreneurs contemplating starting a business. And that is, if the entrepreneur does not think things through, as in verifying his or her hypothesises before committing to starting a business, then one may well be opening and charging through the gates into your version of entrepreneurial hell.

A way to avoid the worst challenges (or the hell) of entrepreneurship is to “be prepared” as I learnt during my time in Cubs and Sea Scouts. That’s what this website is all about, helping you the entrepreneur to succeed, by helping you to be prepared.