My bio entered at Cognitive Edge:

I started my ‘professional’ life as an Electrician (still registered), and I simply carried on studying, finding the proverbial intellectual grass greener and just out of reach the more I learnt.

I became interested in Complexity Science when I got married and had two beautiful daughters, though I did not know what to call my predicament at the time.

When earning my MBA (2009-2010, at The University of Auckland), I was exposed to Complexity Science and the work of David Snowden, and I have never been the same since.

Exposure to Complexity Science has removed a huge weight; being analytical, methodical, an ex. Boy Scout (Be Prepared), and a PMP certified Project Manager, I have an almost OCD-like need to understand, predict, and control. I now understand that the Newtonian Mechanical Universe model is unrealistic, and this knowledge allows me the freedom to accept reality as it is and to adapt, AND be comfortable in the knowledge that ‘that is OK!’

Lastly, returning to university also rekindled my interest into what I learnt is called evidence-based management, though I prefer evidence-based Everything and for me Complexity Science is the underlying foundation.