Sally Starts a Business – With Facts

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A short story about Sally starting a business with facts, while not relying on passion, wishful thinking, and faith.

Starting a business is hard and it is risky, but it need not be a gamble.

Read about Sally and learn how following an evidence-based repeatable process can improve your probability of success.




People learn and retain more information and knowledge from stories than they do from dry textbooks. We love a good story, with quests, villains, and conquering heroes. The story format seems almost tailormade to program, reprogram, as well as entertain us.

In an attempt to help people to start their own business, I wrote the story of Sally, and her quest to start her own business. But the story of Sally does not follow the typical narrative arc of the hero’s journey, Sally’s story is, I’m sorry to say, much more pedestrian than that.

This story is a work of fiction based on other stories of fact. The places, names, and conversations are all figments of my imagination, based on composite stories I have heard, read, and seen unfold. Any resemblance to specific people, places, or events is coincidental.

The purpose of this book is to illustrate that there is a repeatable process for starting a business and that starting a business need not be a gamble. A challenging and risky undertaking? Yes! A gamble? No need for it!

Maybe by following loosely in Sally’s footsteps, you too might be able to start your own business. Then again, perhaps not, or not now or with your current resources and ideas. Attempting to start a business by following an evidence-based process but finding out that starting a business is not for you or not the right time, or that you haven’t got a solution people value and want to pay for, is not a crime, and is nothing to feel ashamed about. Starting a business is not for everyone; there are vastly more reasons for a person not to start a business than there are compelling reasons for doing so. Giving it a go, as we say in New Zealand, and learning why you should, or shouldn’t start a business is the purpose of this book.

I hope that you enjoy Sally’s journey and that you obtain some benefit from this story.


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