Writing A Business Plan – A Template And Handbook


There can be many reasons for creating a Business Plan, with the main one being to obtain support, in the form of endorsement and resources, for a Business Model.

Download this brief complimentary eBook to help you to create your Business Plan.



There are many reasons for writing a Business Plan, with the two main reasons being:
1. To solicit support for a Business Model.
2. To find out what’s involved in creating and then managing a business around a Business Model.

In this eBook, our focus is mainly on the first reason, obtaining support for a Business Model.

For a start, a Business Model is “how a company creates value for itself while delivering products and services for customers,” Steve Blank. Another way of restating what a Business Model is is to call it a money-making or value-exchanging machine; how is value going to be made and by whom?

When writing a Business Plan, you’re making the case for an investment, where the Business Model is the investment. So, if we spend a dollar on your Business Model, how much will we get in return, when will the return materialise, and at what risk?

Download this eBook to help you with writing your Business Plan. Show how your Business Model will achieve your purpose and provide the return on investment.




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